HackerRank C solutions

HackerRankGPT is a tool powered by GPT-4 that helps you solve HackerRank C interview questions during your coding interview.

In real-time and absolutely undetectable 😎

We've helped +3000 devs pass HackerRank C coding problems and get hired.

A safeguard against your nerves during your C coding test

You're applying for a new job and have a C coding problem coming up. Nerves can peak during the programming test, and even experienced developers might blank out under stress. 

Imagine you're in the coding test and can't recall a C function or how to construct a complex SQL join query. You get even more nervous, more stuck, and lose time. That's where HackerRankGPT comes in.

HackerRankGPT is an AI companion that completely solves the C coding problem proposed to you, which you can quietly refer to if you're stuck at any moment.

All HackerRank solutions in C you need during your coding interview

HackerRankGPT will assist you with all programming problems in your next HackerRank C coding interview, from beginner to expert level.

Diagonal difference HackerRank problem

The diagonal difference problem is a common exercise in coding, often used in practice for learning array manipulation and basic math operations
Diagonal difference hackerrank solutions

Encryption Decryption HackerRank problem

The encryption decryption problem on HackerRank involves removing spaces from a given text, arranging the characters into a grid based on the square root of the text's length
Encryption Decryption HackerRank solution

Castle on the grid HackerRank problem

The "Castle on the Grid" problem on HackerRank involves navigating a grid filled with open and blocked cells, akin to a chessboard where a rook moves along rows or columns.
Castle on the grid HackerRank solution

Fizzbuzz HackerRank problem

The FizzBuzz problem is a well-known coding challenge that's often used in interviews and programming competitions, such as those hosted on HackerRank.
Fizzbuzz HackerRank solution

How it works?

Super simple to use. Absolutely invisible. Powered by GPT-4.

  • HackerRankGPT solves all problems.
    HackerRankGPT detects you are taking a HackerRank coding test and discreetly captures a screenshot of the problem.
  • Solve hackerrank problems using gpt-4
    GPT-4 processes the screenshot to solve the problem in the specified programming language.
  • hackerrank programming questions
    We sent the solution to a phone, tablet or computer you choose, so that you can discreetly refer to it if you get stuck.

Stay ahead or fall behind— other candidates are already deciding.

AI is changing the world, and a tool like HackerRankGPT can give you a clear advantage in coding tests, helping you stand out when applying for jobs. It’s here now, and other candidates might be using it to get ahead and win the job.

Use HackerRankGPT and don't fall behind. Think of it as a helpful option when you’re stuck, not a must-use.

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A safeguard during your C coding test for $19.
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If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@hackerrank.solutions

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